Lighting dimmer SCO-812 230 V

Lighting dimmer SCO-812 230 V


The dimmer is used for switching on and off incandescent and halogen lamps and offers the option of light intensity adjustment by means of any impulse switch (buzzer). Suitable for incandescent and halogen lamps (including those powered with electronic or transformer-based feeders adapted to dimmers).
350 W. Mount on rail 35 mm.

Lighting is turned on by a current pulse sent after pressing an impulse switch (buzzer) connected to a relay. Another mpulse switches the lighting off. Pressing and holding the switch for more than 1 second allows the user to adjust light intensity (continuous loop adjustments in the following sequence: BRIGHTERÔćĺDARKERÔćĺBRIGHTER).
 Light intensity may be controlled by means of numerous switches in a parallel connection, distributed in several locations within a room.

The SCO are adapted to co-operate with pushbuttons equipped with neon lamp.    

There may be working irregularities with certain electronic feeders (e.g. flickering may appear). Therefore, some feeder types require light bulbs or halogens of total power up to 50% of the feeder's nominal.
Tests are recommended before final assembly and commission.

Power supply voltage230 V AC
Maximum AC-1 load current1,5 A
The executive elementtriac
State memoryYES
Status memory after power failureNO
Maximum power of connected bulbs350 W
Applicationo┼ŤwietleNO ┼╝arowe, halogenowe, transformatory toroidalne
Control the loadwy┼é─ůczaNO w 0 (dla obci─ů┼╝e┼ä indukcyjnych i rezystancyjnych)
terminalscrew terminals 2,5 mm┬▓
Tightening torque0,4 Nm
Power consumption0,1 W
Working temperature-25 ├Ě 50 ┬░C
dimensions1 module (18 mm)
Assemblyon rail 35 mm
Level of securityIP20

Replacement of fuse-links WTA 5x20

A control system with three points