Modular contactor ST25-40 24V

Modular contactor ST25-40 24V

ST25-40-24V, 5908312594178

Product description

Current 25 A. Voltage 24 V AC. Power AC1 9 kW. Power AC3 2.2 kW.
Electromagnetic contactors in modular case for direct mounting on rail 35mm.

Connect the voltage on the contactor’s coil will switch the contact. Contactor’s status is indicated by blinking red marker in the box. After a loss of power the contacts return to their original position.

Coil supply voltage24 V AC
Contact configuration4×NO
Main track current25 A
Switching power cat. AC1 (230V)9 kW
Switching power cat. AC3 (230V)2,2 kW
Standard numberIEC 61095
Electrical connection life1x10⁵
Mechanical connecting durability1x10⁶
Weight168 g
Screw terminals6 mm²
Isolation voltage4 kV
Power consumption4 W
Working temperature-25 ÷ 50 °C
Assemblyon rail 35 mm
Ingress Protection MarkingIP20

typecontactscurrent AC1supply voltage
ST25-202NO25A230V AC2,2W1106g4mm²
ST25-20/242NO25A24V AC2,2W1106g4mm²
ST25-111NO+1NC 25A230V AC2,2W1106g4mm²
ST25-303NO25A230V AC4,0W2168g4mm²
ST25-313NO+1NC 25A230V AC4,0W2168g4mm²
ST25-31/243NO+1NC 25A24V AC 4,0W2168g4mm²
ST25-404NO25A230V AC4,0W2168g4mm²
ST25-40/244NO25A24V AC 4,0W2168g4mm²
ST25-04 4NC25A230V AC4,0W2168g4mm²
ST25-22 2NO+2NC 25A230V AC4,0W2168g4mm²
ST40-40 4NO40A230V AC6,4W3241g10mm²
ST40-40/24 4NO40A 24V AC 6,4W3241g10mm²
ST40-31 3NO+1NC 40A 230V AC 6,4W3241g10mm² 
ST63-404NO 63A230V AC6,4W3241g 10mm² 
ST63-40/244NO 63A 24V AC 6,4W3241g 10mm² 
ST63-313NO+1NC 63A230V AC6,4W3241g 10mm²