Temperature regulator RT-833

Temperature regulator RT-833

RT-833, 5908312598596

Product description

Temeprature regulator with adjustable fan speed.
The regulator is designed for direct control of 12/24 V DC fan speed in the control panels (or similar installations) as a function of temperature.

Once the temperature rises above the set point Tmin, the fan starts, and its rotational speed will be proportional to the measured temperature and regulator settings:
- for temperature Tmin the rotational speed will be equal to the set minimum speed.
- for temperature Tmin + Δ the rotational speed is 100%.
- for temperature in range Tmin <> Tmin + Δ rotational speed is mapped proportionally in the range from the set minimum speed up to 100%.

The regulator has a relay output that signals too high temperature or damage (no power) to the regulator.
During normal operation, the contact 7-9 is closed. If the measured temperature is higher than the maximum value (Tmin+Δ) for a period of three minutes, the contact is switched off. If the regulator is damaged or the power is off, contacts 7-9 can be used for error signaling.

To avoid the problem with the motor stalling at low speeds, the regulator can start from the maximum speed - the fan starts from the maximum speed and then slows down to a suitable value.

Dedicated temperature probe [F&F]

temperature sensorKTY 81-210
dimensionsØ5; h=20mm
isolation of sensorheat shrink
wireOMY 2×0,34mm²; l=2,5m


temperature sensorKTY 81-210
dimensionsØ8; h=40mm
isolation of sensorsteel sleeve
wireheat-resist SIHF 2×0,5mm²; l=2,5m


Power supply voltage12÷24 V DC
Accuracy of measurement±1°C
Temperature probeRT/RT2
DC load current (7-9)6:00 AM
Contact (load)separated 1 x NO/NC (10 A)
Temperature regulation range Tmin25÷60°C
Temperature regulation range? T5÷30°C
Setting the start speed0÷80%
Terminalpluggable terminal blocks 2,5 mm²
Tightening torque0,4 Nm
Power consumption waking / working0,05 W/0,6 W
Working temperature-15 ÷ 50°C
Dimensions1 module (18 mm)
Assemblyon rail 35 mm
Ingress Protection MarkingIP20
Regulator temperatury RT-833 - schemat podłączenia