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F&Wave - simple radio control

The wireless F&Wave radio system allows for remote control of lighting, roller shutters, shutters, as well as entrance and garage gates.
It was created for all those who want to introduce modern solutions to their homes that are functional, easy to install, easy to use and, above all, inexpensive.

How does the F & Wave radio control work?

It is an arrangement of two types of devices:

  • transmitters (wall buttons, also battery-operated, remote controls, key rings)
  • and receivers cooperating with them.

A unique feature of the receivers' operation is the retransmission of the received signal - it is passed on, thus increasing its range.

When creating the F & Wave system, we also designed solutions that allow the use of a radio system using the already existing electrical installation and existing lighting switches. All you need to do is install the F & Wave NN transmitter in the box under the button and you have the option of additional light control using the entire range of the already mentioned F & Wave remote control transmitters: wall-mounted buttons (also battery operated), remote controls, key rings.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the F & Wave offer.

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