Eight-channel solenoid valve module

Eight-channel solenoid valve module


The mH-V8 module is an eight-channel actuator module controlling solenoid valves supplied with 230 V in building heating circuits. The module cooperates through the CAN line with the sensor module from the same level.

The actuator elements are semiconductor elements, thanks to which the devices have high durability (no mechanical elements - relays). The module is supplied with 230 V. If it is required to control a larger number of heating circuits, additional modules of subsequent levels should be used, bearing in mind that the valve modules of the same level should also be used (for example, S8-1 and V8-1 or S8-2 and V8-2). The selection of solenoid valves is very important. It is important that the coils are supplied with 230 V.

mH-V8 manual (230.35k)

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