Eight-channel temperature sensor module

Eight-channel temperature sensor module


The mH-S8 module is an eight-channel input for temperature sensors located in a building. The sensors are digitally controlled elements, which ensures high resistance to interference and allows to connect long cable sections without fear of temperature distortion.

The sensors should be connected to independent three-core cables (separate cable for each sensor), preferably shielded (it can be an FTP cable). Cables should be routed in one section (without connection points) and led out in boxes under the buttons controlling lighting in a given room. The module is powered by a 24 V system power supply. The module inputs (signal from sensors) are supplied with 3.3 V. The module works in conjunction with the V valve module (via the CAN line) based on the temperature configuration entered via the touch panel. This means that correctly configured modules operate independently of the main panel and will control the temperature in the building even when the control panel is switched off. If it is required to control a larger number of heating circuits, additional modules of subsequent levels should be used, bearing in mind that the valve modules of the same level should also be used (for example, S8-1 and V8-1 or S8-2 and V8-2). Since the numbering is coinciding, the sensor module mH-S8 (level 1) and the actuator module mH-V4 (also level 1) can be used. In this way, we will get a temperature reading from eight places in the building but we will be able to control only four valves (the first four in the numbering).

mH-S8 manual (349.71k)

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