Power supply unit

Power supply unit


The mH-SU50 power supply unit is used to supply system components supplied with 24 V DC voltage.

In effect, one mH-SU50 unit is sufficient for a small system. For a large system, more powerful power supplies manufactured by F&F such as the ZI120-24 are recommended. For safety reasons, it is recommended to use the mH-SP filter module and the B6A overcurrent circuit breaker in the power supply circuit. The module is mounted in the switchgear where it occupies a field of 6 modules.  The unit has electronic short-circuit and overheating protection. 24 V line protection is not required. If there are many switchgears in the building, each switchgear should be equipped with an independent power supply unit with a filter protecting it. When connecting the system components to the power supply, special attention should be paid to the polarity of the power supply. Relay-type modules will not start when the power supply is inversely connected.

mH-SU50 manual (361.41k)

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