Quadruple actuator relay for roller blinds

Quadruple actuator relay for roller blinds

mH-RE4, 5908312595298

Product description

The mH-RE4 relay is a dedicated actuator element that controls the operation of motor devices.

mH-RE4 is the actuator element for logic modules mH-E16 and mH-IO12E6. The module is equipped with four independent channels designed to control motor devices of the following type: roller blinds, curtains, blinds, etc. 

Key features: 

  •         Protection against simultaneous switching of up and down direction.
  •         Protection against immediate change of direction (temporary interruption).
  •         Spark extinguishing system to extend the life of the relay contacts and eliminate interference in the mains.
  •         LEDs on the front of the device showing the current status.