Logic module / sixteen-channel controller of roller blinds

Logic module / sixteen-channel controller of roller blinds


Motor module mH-E16 is dedicated to controlling all motor receivers. It is suitable both for controlling external roller shutters (anti-burglary) powered by 230 V or 24 V motors, as well as vertical and horizontal blinds.

The module is mounted in the switchgear where it occupies a field of 6 modules and is supplied with 24 V DC voltage. The buttons that are located on the building are directed to the inputs of the module and connected by UTP wires. The module manages the motors of roller shutters or blinds on an up-down (or right-left) basis via the mH-RE4-type relay actuator modules. The control is carried out fully on a 24 V low voltage line, which ensures full safety and allows for any layout of control buttons in the building. The mH-E16 module communicates with touch panels via the CAN line. Any module output can be triggered by touch panels by selecting a specific device or scene (device group). From the touch panel, it is possible to program a temporary automatic switching on/off of devices or groups of devices controlled from the input/output module. If more inputs/outputs are required, several motor modules can be used, bearing in mind that they must be modules of successive levels (mH-E16 - level 1, mH-E16 - level 2, ...).

mH-E16 manual (667.14k)

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