LED RGB controller

LED RGB controller


RGB module is designed to control low-voltage (12 V) LED light sources by setting the brightness and color of the lighting. Multicolored RGB sources (such as stripes, RGB hoses) should be connected to the module, then the brightness and color of light can be adjusted.

In the case of RGB light sources, sources with a constant positive of the power supply (control by the negative of the power supply) should be used. The module has two local inputs: one to connect a button operating in the same way as in dimmers (short press switches on/off, longer press dims/brightens) and the other, a service one, to change the color of light without the use of a touch panel. Using the touch panel it is possible to fully control brightness, color and the times of brightening and dimming. The module requires connecting an independent 12 V DC power supply with a power matched to the connected LED load. The correct polarity of a power supply is very important. A reverse connection may damage the connected light source (the module is protected). There are two types of RGB modules: the older model from 2012 and a newer model from 2013. A newer model has an additional relay that switches on the 12 V power supply. The general principle of operation is based on the fact that RGB lighting is not switched on permanently and there is no reason for the 12 V power supply to be permanently switched on. The module is powered by a 24 V system power supply and the 12 V power supply is only switched on if required.

mH-RGB manual (395.56k)

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