Four - channel 0 – 10 V controller

Four - channel 0 – 10 V controller


The mH-A10 module is a four-channel controller designed for setting values of 0 - 10 V for devices capable of controlling voltages from 0 to 10 V. In most cases, these will be devices such as lighting (brightness control) or ventilation (fan speed control).

The module has four local inputs to connect buttons operating in the same way as in dimmers (short press switches on/off, longer press changes the output value from 0 to 10 V). It is possible to control each channel independently using a touch panel. The module requires a 24 V system power supply. To expand its functionality, the module has relays built-in, which are used to cut off the power supply voltage of receivers, for which the value of less than 1 V has been set. This functionality is useful in the case of receivers that cannot be switched off by setting the minimum voltage (for example, the lighting is glowing).

mH-A10 manual (267.21k)

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