Four-channel lighting dimmer

Four-channel lighting dimmer


The mH-L4B module is a four-channel lighting dimmer designed to control the intensity of incandescent, halogen, energy-saving or LED lighting.

The module (input) is controlled from the mH-IO32 or mH-IO12E6 module from the same level. Control is carried out via CAN bus. It is possible to control four independent channels with a maximum power of 500 W per channel. Incandescent lamps or halogen 230 V powered by toroidal transformer can be used as receivers. It is possible to control energy-saving light bulbs (ESL) or LEDs powered by 230 V if these light sources are adapted to work with dimmers. Due to the variety of solutions available on the market, it is recommended to exercise extreme caution and to make prior attempts of specific combinations of dimmers and LED lighting. The module is supplied with 230 V and an additional noise filter in the supply line is required. If more than 4 dimmable light points are required in the building, an additional dimmer from the next level with an additional filter on the power supply and an additional IO32 or 12E6 module at the same level for control (input) should be used.

mH-L4B manual (328.68k)

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