Astronomical control timer PCZ-524

Astronomical control timer PCZ-524

PCZ-524, 5908312596295

Product description

The astronomical timer is used to turn on/off lighting or other electrical receivers in accordance with daily, astronomical points east and west sun.
One-way type.

The astronomical timer activates and deactivates a device at certain hour, i.e. at sunrise and sunset. Should more settings that are precise be required for locations of different geographical co-ordinates, there is an option to set a given longitude and latitude or select a special code which entails automatic setting of these co-ordinates for a given place in Europe (list of locations and their codes may be found in the manual). Furthermore, there is an option to shift the preset activation/deactivation time for ±99 min. for sunrise and sunset times separately.

Timer Functions
AUTO MODE - Automatic work according to programmable points switch on/off
MANUAL MODE - [ON] include permanent contact (pos.1-5) or [OFF] permanent disconnection contact (pos.1-6)
PROGRAMMABLE POINT [ON] -  the time of contact annexing (pos.1-5) based on the astronomical point of sunset and programmed by the user and Hourly TRANSFER OF  TIME CORRECTION
PROGRAMMABLE POINT [OFF] -  Disconnect the time of contact (pos.1-6) on the basis of the astronomical point of sunset and programmed by the user and Hourly TRANSFER OF TIME CORRECTIONSETUP - the location and designation of the program for annexing POINTS AND EXEMPTIONS.
SETUP - set up location and programmable ON/OFF points.
LOCATION - Coordinates code or manual entering any geographical coordinates (for  Coordinates CODE  No 86 - YOUR LOCATION).
COORDINATES CODE - assigned to geographical coordinates for specified cities to facilitate the entry of location (city and assigned codes are listed in the table)
GMT SHIFT - the designation of geographic time zone within ± 1 ÷ 12 hours (at 1 hr.) compared with the universal time UT Greenwich (00). For Poland 1 hr .. Time points sunrise and sunset are simultaneous a shift by  given value.
TIME CORRECTION - Accelerate or delay the time of annexing or exclusions in relation to the astronomical time points east and west sun. The settings in terms of the 99min.Are separately for the sunrise and sunset
AUTOMATIC TIME CHANGE - Change of time from winter to summer is done automatically at night, on the last Sunday in March at 2.00 (by adding 1 hour to the current time). The change from summer time to winter is done automatically at night, on the last Sunday in October at 3.00 (by subtracting 1 hour from the current time).
DST - Daylight Saving Time - Global name of the daylight saving time (free translation: time to obtain sunlight). Modifications to the turn off of an automatic change of time.
DATE VIEW -  in AUTOMATIC MODE pressing the button '+' displays  proper date (dd-mm-yy). After 5sek. clock will automatically go to the main menu.
PROGRAMMABLE ON/OFF  POINTS PREVIEW - in AUTO MODE following pressing of OK button will show next settings in order: programmable point [ON], biginnig of the night interval, end of the night interval, programmable point [OFF]. After 5sek. clock will automatically go to the main menu.
RESET - Processor reseting by specific button - necessary in case of suspension of the functions of the clock. Do not delete the date and time entries, and configuration memory.
MEMORY RESET  ("hard" reset) -delete all previous settings for date, time and configuration. Pressing the MENU button and - at the same time> 3sec.

Table code coordinates
For precise settings of he timer's turn on/off inclusions and exclusions the clock, working for sites with different geographic coordinates, it is possible to set the latitude and longitude, or select the appropriate code that is automatically set to the coordinates of the city in the world. 
Complete list of the cities and the corresponding codes can be found in the "Table coordinates code" file below.

Power supply voltage24÷264 V AC/DC
The executive elementrelay
Maximum load current16 A
Contact configuration1 × NO/NC
Separation of the contactYES
Time of clock operation6 years
Battery type2032 (lithium)
Accuracy of the clock's indications1 s
Time error±1 s / 24 h
Display operation timeNONE
Terminalpluggable terminal blocks 4,0 mm²
Tightening torque0,5 Nm
Power consumption1,5 W
Working temperature-20÷50°C
Dimensions2 modules (35 mm)
Assemblyon rail 35 mm
Ingress Protection MarkingIP20

Programming scheme:
Mobile application
Due to technical constraints imposed by Apple (regarding the use of the NFC module), it is not possible to make an application for iOS today.

Telephone parameters
It should be checked whether the used phone model has a built-in NFC module and if the Android version is equal or higher. 4.4.

Assembly of the device
Due to the operating characteristics of the NFC module, it is not recommended to mount the clock near devices that emit electromagnetic fields (eg transformers, contactors).

Software version
Currently, the PCZ-524 clock with index 3 (PCZ-524.3) is sold. It is an index denoting the version of the clock software.
Check what software version your clock has and download the appropriate manual.

Clock operation characteristics
Astronomical clocks work on the basis of information about the current date, geographic coordinates of the place where it is installed, and automatically determine the daily, programmable points of switching on and off the lighting. In astronomical clusters, it is not possible to "manually" program the on and off times (determine the user's own on / off points).