PZP probe

PZP probe

SONDA-PZP, 5902431676159

Product description

Float probe

The PZP float probe is designed for use in clean water tanks. It is equipped with electromechanical switches that signal the position of the probe based on which the presence or absence of water can be detected.

A 3-wire cable is attached to the probe (colours: black, brown, blue). Raising the probe to an angle of +45 degrees (or higher) will close the contact between the black and brown wires.
Lowering the probe at an angle of -45 degrees (or lower) will close the contact between the black and blue wires.

Power supply voltage250 V AC
Electrical durability20.000 cycles
Maximum load current8 A
Mechanical strength50.000 cycles
Line3-wire (integrated with probe)
Working temperature≤80°C
Dimensions142×93×42 mm
Ingress Protection MarkingIP68
Cable leght3 m
Cable diameter7,5 mm
Wire cross-section1.5 mm²