Automatic anti-flood system ASP

Automatic anti-flood system ASP


Product description

ASP automatic anti-flood system is an autonomous system to prevent flooding of residential, single-family and multifamily buildings. It is used for comprehensive protection of property from the effects of flooding.

1) Distribution box containing: SAM-01 central controller, electrical circuits protection and backup battery for short power outages.
2) 1", 2", 3/4"or 5/4" solenoid valve - 1 pc.
3) SON-K boiler room flooding probe - 1 pc.
4) SON-M living areas flooding probe - 2 pcs.

* detection of leaks and spills * cutting off water supply to the property
* notifying the user about this situation
* reducing pressure drops
* improving the efficiency of firefighting installations
* bistable solenoid valve remains closed after power loss
* solenoid coil is not constantly powered (power at the time of switching)
* own emergency power supply


Power supply voltage230 V AC/DC
Sensitivity - adjustable1÷100 kΩ (domyślna wartość 100 kΩ)
Alarm delay10÷180 s (default value10 s)
Alarm output contact1 NO/NC, max. 4 A
Power supply for electrovalves12 V
Powering of measuring probes5 V / 2 mA
Battery12 V / 1,3 Ah
Power consumption≤ 2 W
Working temperature5 ÷ 50 °C