Modbus Energy integrator of energy meters

Modbus Energy integrator of energy meters

Wi-Modbus-D, 5902431674247

Product description

Integration of F&F energy meters equipped with a Modbus RTU interface with the Fox system

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Modbus Energy is an extension of the functionality of F&F energy meters with the registration and visualization of energy consumption and electrical network parameters.
Modbus Energy works with energy meters manufactured by F&F:

  • LE-01MR
  • LE-01MR v2
  • LE-01MW
  • LE-01MW v2
  • LE-01MQ
  • LE-03MQ
  • LE-03MQ v2
  • LE-03MQ CT
  • LE-03MW
  • LE-03MW CT

Ikony funkcje systemu FOX
Access to data via the application or via a web browser
Ikony funkcje systemu FOX
Remote access via Wi-Fi and F&F cloud
Ikony funkcje systemu FOX
Monitoring network parameters

Application of Modbus Energy

  • Integration of F&F energy meters with Modbus RTU interface into the Fox system;

  • Extend the functionality of existing energy meters to record and visualise energy consumption and electrical network parameters;

  • Current measurement of energy and power consumption as well as current and voltage values;

  • Use of recorded measurements to detect voltage or power consumption exceedances.

Modbus Energy - integrator liczników energii elektrycznej

Features of the Modbus Energy energy meter integrator

  • Monitoring of all relevant electrical network parameters;
  • Recording of average, minimum and maximum values;
  • High measurement accuracy guaranteed by the use of certified energy meters (MID);
  • 1 energy meter can be connected to each Modbus Energy device;
  • Access to measurement history via app or web browser;
  • Communication via home Wi-Fi network and remote access via the F&F Polish cloud;
  • Free mobile apps for Android and iOS;
  • Fully Polish solution focused on security and user privacy;
  • No hidden running costs and guaranteed long-term product support;
  • Installation in a switchbox (DIN rail), only one field in the switchboard required;
  • Direct 230 V AC power supply.

Energy 3 - ekrany z pomiarem

Aplikacja FOX - pomiary
Aplikacja FOX - pomiary

Aplikacja FOX - pomiary
Aplikacja FOX - pomiary

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Application for Android devices
App for iOS devices

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Power supply voltage165÷265 V AC
Humidity (non-condensing)≤ 90%
ExitInterfejs RS485
Radio frequency2,4 GHz
Radio power (IEEE 802.11n)≤ 20 dBm
Receiver sensitivity-98 dBm
Communication protocolMODBUS RTU
Terminal2.5 mm² screw terminals (cord); 4.0 mm² screw terminals (wire)
Tightening torque0,5 Nm
Power consumption≤ 2 W
Working temperature-20÷50°C
Dimensions1 module (18 mm)
Assemblyon rail 35 mm
Ingress Protection MarkingIP20