Timing relays PO-415 24 V

Timing relays PO-415 24 V

PO-415-24V, 5908312595595

Product description

On rail TH-35.
Lagged-pulse time relays are devised to support the power supply of the controlled receiver for a specified period of time after decay of the control voltage, e.g. in bathroom ventilation systems in which the upkeep of the fan operation (activated along with the lighting) is required for a specified period of time after turning off the accompanying lighting.

The application of control voltage S to the relay causes its activation and the resulting supply of voltage R to the controlled receiver. After decay of the control voltage, the operation of the receiving device is kept for the support time t (preset with the potentiometer). After the t time has been counted down, the controlled receiver is turned off automatically. If control voltage S is re-supplied before the lapse of the preset time, the relay will repeat its operational sequence.


Power supply voltage24 V AC/DC
Operating modelagged-pulse time relays
The executive elementrelay
Maximum load current10 A
Contact configuration1 × NO/NC
Separation of the contactYES
Control pulse currentless than 300 mA
Contact status indicationLED red
Power indicationLED green
Hold time1÷15 min.
Terminalpluggable terminal blocks 2,5 mm²
Tightening torque0,4 Nm
Power consumption0,56 W
Working temperature-25 ÷ 50 °C
Dimensions1 module (18 mm)
Assemblyon rail 35 mm
Ingress Protection MarkingIP20