Electricity consumption meters LE-03MP

Electricity consumption meters LE-03MP

LE-03MP, 5908312597216

Product description

With network parameters analysis. Remote reading. Three phase. RS-485 port + Modbus RTU.
LE-03MP is a static (electronic) calibrated electricity meter of three-phase alternating current in a direct system. It is used for reading and recording of consumed  electric energy and mains parameters with remote readout via a wired RS-485 network.



Measured values
Active power - AE + [kWh]    
Reactive power - RE+ [kvarh]   
Phase voltage - U1, U2, U3 [V]    
Phase currents - I1, I2, I3 [A]   
Power factor cosϕ L1, L2, L3   
(20 parameters)
Active powers of L1, L2, L3 phases - P1, P2, P3 [kW]
Active power of L1+L2+L3 system - P [kW]
Reactive powers of L1, L2, L3 phases -  Q1, Q2, Q3 [kvar]
Reactive power of L1+L2+L3 system -  Q [kvar]
Frequency - F [Hz]

* Internal relay switching L1, L2, L3 phase circuits.
* Remote control of ON/OFF relay.
* Overcurrent protection - setting the load threshold.
* Prepaid power (prepayment) - active power value at which the meter disconnects the internal relay.
* Automatic mode - activation of overcurrent protection and prepaid mode.
* Status - current status of the relay [on/off].

Under the influence of flowing current and applied voltage, the LE meter accurately measures the amount of consumed electricity. Energy consumption is indicated by flashing LEDs: “800 pulses/kWh” for active power and “800 pulses/kvar” for reactive power. In addition, the device  measures the mains parameters. The values ​​are displayed cyclically on LCD display. Parameter changes every 3 seconds. You can manually switch between successive parameters by pressing a key on the front-end of the meter. The display is active only with meter power supply on.
The meter has an internal relay that switches L1, L2 and L3 circuits. The (ON/OFF) relay can be also operated manually.

The meter has a program overcurrent protection. If the load threshold is exceeded, the internal relay opens for 5 minutes. After that time the relay closes and the measurement is repeated.

Prepaid power (prepayment feature) is the set increment value of available active power beyond which the internal relay is disconnected by the meter. Automatic operation is the mode with two active functions: automatic relay disconnection if the set overcurrent threshold is exceeded and switching on the prepaid mode.
Current state of relay (ON/OFF) is indicated on the LCD display as the corresponding modbus register value.
Readout of all measured values ​​and parameter setting functions is done via the Modbus RTU protocol.



Service programm

LE Config
The program allows to test reading of the calculated energy and make the settings of the basic parameters of the counter.

PC-LE communication via USB converter    WE-1800-BT►
Free programm.

Programs for remote reading of electricity meters
LE-01M, LE-01MP, LE-01MQ, LE-03M, LE-03MP, LE-03M CT


The MeternetPRO application allows remote reading of states and indications of counters, multimeters, measuring transducers, expansion modules of input/output and other measuring devices communicating through Modbus RTU protocol. The exchange of data between devices and the application is executed through RS-485 or local area network (LAN). The application, along with the database is installed on a special MT-CPU-1 server, which operates in a local network. Software user interface is a web application (web site). Access to the application is executed through any web browser. In a LAN with a public IP address, you can configure the application and read the data over the Internet.


Subscription billing of electricity consumption module
Module of the subscription billing of the power consumption or other recorded incremental value, for example: water, heat, etc. It allows you to calculate the increases in the value in the designated billing periods (intervals). Cycles: monthly, weekly, daily, hourly. The module allows you to create multiple individual and parallel reports.


 LE-03MP Console
The LE-03MP Console application allows you to remotely read indications and set the prepaid values in LE-03MP (three-phase, direct measurement of 3×60 A) meters. The maximum number of supported meters in the network: 247.
The "prepaid" feature allows you to set the value of power intake to use, beyond which the meter cuts off the internal relay and prevents any further intake.   

Communication protocolMODBUS RTU
Reference voltage3 x 400 V
Current current5:00 AM
Maximum current60 A
The minimum measured current0,02 A
Accuracy of measurement in accordance with IEC61036class 1
Counter's own consumption10 VA; 1,5 W
Scope of indication of the abacus0÷99999,99 kWh
Counter constant(1,25 Wh/imp) 800 imp/kWh
Reading signaling2 x LED red
Accuracy class1
The kWh/kvarh counter constant(1,25 varh/imp) 800 imp/kvarh
Pulse output kWh / kvarhopen collector
Connection voltage kWh / kvarhmax. 30 V DC
Connection current kWh / kvarhmax. 27 mA
Constant kWh / kvarh(1,25Wh/imp) 800imp/kWh
Impulse time kWh / kvarh10 ms
Terminalpluggable terminal blocks 16 mm²
Working temperature-20÷55°C
Dimensions7 modules (122 mm)
Assemblyon rail 35 mm
Ingress Protection MarkingIP20
Connection diagram

Front panel

Display description