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LE Config

LE Config,

Product description

Service program.

Program for servicing the LE series of meters with the Modbus protocol:
LE-01M, LE-03M, LE-03M CT, LE-01MP, LE-03MP.
It enables the test reading of the calculated energy value and the setting of basic parameters of the given meter:
* modbus network address
* gear
* communication speed
* prepaid


Komunikacja PC-LE za pomocą konwertera USB   Converter CN-USB-485

1. Port: Select the correct COM port for the connected converter (check in the device manager).
2. Language: select the correct language for the descriptions.
3. Switch to the tab corresponding to the connected meter.
4. Press the FIND COUNTER button.
5. After the program has found the meter and loaded the data into the fields, you can make the appropriate settings for the meter.

Free program.