Electric energy meter LE-01MB

Electric energy meter LE-01MB

LE-01MB, 5908312599791

Product description

Single-phase, two-way, four-quadrant electrical energy measurement and network parameters, compliant with the MID directive, M-Bus communication interface.

LE-01MB is a static (electronic) calibrated electricity meter with single-phase alternating current in direct system. It is used for the indication and registration of the collected electricity and the parameters of the power supply network with the possibility of remote reading of indications via a wired M-Bus standard network. The meter configuration takes place via the configuration menu available from the front panel and through the communication port in accordance with the M-Bus programming functions.


* 1-phase
* two-way (4-quadrant)
* 100 A direct measurement
* kWh / kvar indication (downloaded / given)
* indication of network parameters
* compatibility with MID
* M-Bus protocol
* SO pulse output
* backlit, multifunctional LCD display
* password protection with password

Measured values

Active energy collected / delivered AE + / AE- [kWh]
Energia bierna pobrana / oddane RE + / RE- [kvarh]
Voltage voltages U1, U2, U3 [V]
Phase currents I1, I2, I3 [A]
Frequency F [Hz]
Active power P [W]
Reactive power Q [var]
Apparent power S [VA]
Power factor cosφ
Demand for power  

Service program

LE Config
The program allows to test reading of the calculated energy and make the settings of the basic parameters of the counter.

PC-LE communication via USB converter    WE-1800-BT►
Free program.

Programs for remote reading of electricity meters
LE-01M, LE-01MP, LE-01MQ, LE-03M, LE-03MP, LE-03M CT


The MeternetPRO application allows remote reading of states and indications of counters, multimeters, measuring transducers, expansion modules of input/output and other measuring devices communicating through Modbus RTU protocol. The exchange of data between devices and the application is executed through RS-485 or local area network (LAN). The application, along with the database is installed on a special MT-CPU-1 server, which operates in a local network. Software user interface is a web application (web site). Access to the application is executed through any web browser. In a LAN with a public IP address, you can configure the application and read the data over the Internet.


Subscription billing of electricity consumption module
Module of the subscription billing of the power consumption or other recorded incremental value, for example: water, heat, etc. It allows you to calculate the increases in the value in the designated billing periods (intervals). Cycles: monthly, weekly, daily, hourly. The module allows you to create multiple individual and parallel reports.



Program allows remote reading via RS-485 network display up to 1000 indicators.
Exchange of data between the counters and the application is done via a standard RS485 <-> USB port or server on the LAN (Ethernet). For LAN connection to the router with a static IP address, you can read the data via the Internet.


Nominal frequency50 Hz
Communication protocolM-Bus
CompatibilityDyrektywa MID 2004/22/EC, Nr certyfikatu 0120/SGS0214
Reference voltage230 V AC
Current current5:00 AM
Maximum current100 A
The minimum measured current0,02 A
Counter's own consumption10 VA; 2 W
Scope of indication of the abacus0÷99999,99 kWh
LCD backlightYES
Counter constant1, 10, 100, 1000 imp/kWh lub 1, 10, 100, 1000 imp/kvarh
Reading signaling2 x LED
Accuracy classB
Insulation protection classII class
Pulse output kWh / kvarh2 x otwarty kolektor
Connection voltage kWh / kvarhmaks. 27 V DC
Connection current kWh / kvarhmax. 27 mA
Impulse time kWh / kvarh60, 100, 200 ms
Measured voltage176÷276V AC
overload30×lmax/10 ms
Insulation4 kV/1 min.; 6 kV/1 μs
Impulse connections and communicationscrew terminals 1.5 mm²
Voltage and current connectionsscrew terminals 16 mm²
Working temperature-20÷55°C
Dimensions2 modules (35 mm)
Assemblyon rail 35 mm
Ingress Protection MarkingIP51