Analogue relay with current input PA-01I

Analogue relay with current input PA-01I


Product description

The PA-01I device is used to convert the analog signal 0÷20 mA/ /4÷20 mA to the signal controlling the relay output. This allows the use of sensors with an analogue output in automation systems.

The PA-01I device continuously measures the current signal connected to the input terminals (7-9) and on the basis of the measured value and the selected operating mode decides about the switch-on of the executive relay. The measuring input is galvanically isolated from the power supply of the device and the contacts, thanks to which it is also possible to connect PA-01I in series with other 4÷20 mA receivers. PA-01I can operate in four different modes selected by the FUNC knob.

Power supply voltage 9÷30 V DC
Maximum AC-1 load current 8 A
Measurement error 1%
The executive element relay
Contact configuration 1 × NO/NC
Separation of the contact YES
Power consumption (max) 100 mA
Current input resistance 150 Ω ± 0,1 %
Range of input signals 0÷20 mA
Hysteresis setting range 0÷5 mA
Measurement resolution 5 μA
Hysteresis in "window" mode 200 μA
Terminal pluggable terminal blocks 1,5 mm²
Tightening torque 0,5 Nm
Working temperature -25 ÷ 50 °C
Dimensions 1 module (18 mm)
Assembly on rail 35 mm
Ingress Protection Marking IP20

PA-01I manual (137.66k)