Touch control panel with a 12” screen

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Touch control panel with a 12” screen

mH-TS12, 5908312593850

Product description

The 12-inch touch unit mH-TS12 is the central element of the system. It is installed outside the switchgear by building the casing of the panel into the wall.

It is powered from 230 V mains and requires a separate connection from the main switchgear. It communicates with the system via the CAN line (cable 6 or 10m included). If there are plans to control via mobile devices or the Internet, lead the UTP cable of the home computer network into the panel. Due to the invasive nature of the installation (it is necessary to cut a hole in the wall), the location of the unit should be foreseen at the stage of building construction (before plastering). The following settings can be made with the touch panel: 

  •         Pre-programming (arrangement of elements on the plan of the building)
  •         Programming of dimmer settings (hysteresis)
  •         Setting the device programmers (in an annual cycle every 15 minutes)
  •         Setting the heating and cooling programmers
  •         Setting the hysteresis of motor devices (roller blinds, blinds)
  •         Scene definition (can include light, roller blinds, temperature, activation of selected receivers)
  •         Setting the color of the interface (adjustment to individual needs)
  •         Uploading photos to the screen saver (electronic photo frame)
  •         GSM, Ethernet and Scene module configuration
  •         Software updates (using a flash drive)