GSM Controller

GSM Controller


Text message communication module Requires a SIM card from any provider.  It is powered by 24 V from the SU-50 system power supply.  The module communicates with the system via CAN bus (cable included).

For proper operation, it is required to expose the GSM communication antenna from the switchgear.  GSM module allows for remote control of the system via SMS text messages. By sending a text message we can switch on or off any receiver in the building, check if the indicated circuit is switched on or activate a specific scene (for example raise the temperature, open the gate and light the driveway - "I will be at home in 15 minutes"). The module allows you to control only from the whitelisted GSM numbers to prevent unauthorized access. In addition, it is possible to create groups, which means the distribution of permissions, so that dedicated users (with a specific phone number) can control only selected devices in the system.

mH-MRG manual (382.53k)

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