Staircase timer AS-222T 230 V

Staircase timer AS-222T 230 V


Staircase timer serves to keep switched-ON lighting of staircase, corridor, or any other object for the set time and to switch-OFF this lighting automatically, upon elapse of this set time.
With the function of signaling switching off the lighting and counter blockade. Supply 230 V AC. On rail 35mm.

Turned ON staircase timer supports the lighting during set time by potentiometer (from 0,5min. to 10min.) and upon elapse of this set time a reduction by half of lighting brightness follows for about 30 seconds, after that OFF follows (thus an occurrence of a sudden darkness is avoided, enabling safe approach to the switch). After switching OFF the lighting there is possibility to switch it ON again. Function of counter blockade does not allow to keep the light-ON in case of staircase switch blocking (after blocking the pushbutton, for example by match, the timer will count the set time and switch OFF the lighting). Next switching ON can be after removing the blockade.

AS-222T nie mo┼╝e wsp├│┼épracowa─ç z lampami jarzeniowymi, ┼Ťwietl├│wkami kompaktowymi i innymi lampami z elektronicznymi zap┼éonnikami.

The AS-222T is not compatible with glow-discharge tubes, compact fluorescent lamps and other lighting devices including electric starters.   

Power supply voltage230 V AC
Maximum AC-1 load current10 A
The executive elementrelay + triac
Contact configuration1 ├Ś NO
Separation of the contactNO
Delay of operationless than 1 s
Switch off delay - adjustable0,5 ├Ě 10 min
the anti-blockadeYES
Switching off indicationYES
Cooperation with illuminated buttonsNO
Time to maintain the light with reduced brightness30 s
terminalscrew terminals 4,0 mm┬▓
Tightening torque0,5 Nm
Power consumption0,8 W
Working temperature-25 ├Ě 50 ┬░C
dimensions2 modules (35 mm)
Assemblyon rail 35 mm
Level of securityIP20
Maksymalny pr─ůd obci─ů┼╝enia
Pr─ůd styku podany w danych technicznych jest warto┼Ťci─ů maksymaln─ů i mo┼╝e podlega─ç ograniczeniom – wi─Öcej informacji.

┼╣ród┼éa ┼Ťwiat┼éa
Ze wzgl─Ödu na budow─Ö automatu schodowego nie nale┼╝y stosowa─ç lamp jarzeniowych, ┼Ťwietlówek kompaktowych i innych lamp z elektronicznymi zap┼éonnikami.

Napi─Öcie zasilania
Automat schodowy AS-222T wyst─Öpuje wy┼é─ůcznie w wykonaniu zasilanym napi─Öciem 230 V.

Funkcja przeciwblokady
Funkcja przeciwblokady nie pozwala na ci─ůg┼ée ┼Ťwiecenie o┼Ťwietlenia po zablokowaniu wy┼é─ůcznika schodowego, tzn. po zablokowaniu wy┼é─ůcznika (np. zapa┼ék─ů) automat odmierzy zadany czas i wy┼é─ůczy o┼Ťwietlenie. Ponowne za┼é─ůczenie o┼Ťwietlenia mo┼╝e nast─ůpi─ç po usuni─Öciu blokady.